Pastries and sweets

Pastries and sweets

To go with your hot or cold drink, for a snack or breakfast*, discover our homemade treats. Let yourself be tempted by our unavoidable cookies and muffins! Or how about our original recipes to help you discover new flavors?

* or just because it’s just so good

fait maison, homemade

The menu changes according to our mood and seasons…

cookie chocolat, café, boisson chaude, chocolate cookie, coffee, hot drink

Chocolate Cookie, Matcha Cookie

cookie, café, boisson chaude, cookie, coffee, hot drink

Vanilla Cookie, Caramel Cookie

muffin chocolat, muffin maison, all chocolate muffin, homemade muffin

All Chocolate Muffin

muffin vanille, muffin maison, vanilla muffin

Vanilla Muffin

cake végan, lait de soja, vega cake, soy milk

Vegan Cake (with soy milk)